Cancel Online
Because we don't believe you should have to wait more than 30 days for your order to arrive, you have the ability to cancel your order for any item that you have not received within 30 days. If an item has been pending in your order for 30 days, a checkbox will display in the Cancel column of your order. Selecting the checkbox and updating your order will notify us that you would like to cancel your order for that item. We will check that your item(s) have not shipped yet and then issue you a store credit for the dollar value of each item cancelled along with the cost of shipping and tax (if applicable).

Cancel by Phone
Select the CONTACT US link in the top of the store. Call our toll free number to speak with an account representative about cancelling an order for any item not yet shipped or exchanging an item not yet shipped for another item.

Cancel by email
Select the CONTACT US link in the top of the store and send a cancel request to the cancel email address listed. Be sure to include your Order Number or email address that your order receipt was sent to.

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